How to identify your steel tank

Can I send in photos of my plastic tank for you to identify?

How to measure the internal height of your tank ?

What if I can't identify my plastic tank from the label?

How to identify your plastic tank

I have a high balance in my tank account with you , why do I need to keep paying each month?

Why do I have to pay during summer , when I’m using less oil ?

How do I dip my oil tank ?

What if I am low on oil ?

I've received an email about my monitor readings , what if the changes don't look correct ?

I've received an email about my monitor readings , how does this affect me ?

I've received an email about my monitor readings, whats changed?

What is BoilerJuice Connected?

What will Connected cost me?

Why do my monthly payments work out more than my usual oil costs?

How does the Connected Monitor work?

I've received an email requesting a top- up payment , what if I do nothing?

Why are you placing an order when I have recently had one?

I've read this email after the cut off time, what do I do?

Why am I receiving this email?

I pay monthly, so why are you asking for a top-up payment?

Am I able to place my own order?

I have poor mobile phone signal, can I still use the Connected Monitor?

Will my monthly payments ever change?

Will you review my monthly payments if I'm paying too much / too little?

Is Connected value for money?

Will I still need to place my own oil orders?

How long is the Connected contract?

Where is my Connected Monitor?

How do I install my Connected monitor?

I've installed my Connected monitor, what happens now?

My monitor is on my tank but nothing is happening, what should I do?

I have joined Connected but have not received my monitor

Why have I received an order confirmation email when I did not place this order?

Can I change the date of my monthly payment?

I cancelled my Direct Debit in error, can this be reinstated?

I'm moving house, what do I do about my Connected service?

Am I able to cancel my Connected contract early?