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As an impartial service, we guarantee to always show you our best price from a UK nationwide list of suppliers.

Just like an auction, each of these suppliers will lower their prices to compete for your order. We price check your postcode against suppliers who can deliver to you, only showing you our cheapest price for each delivery option.

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How to save money on heating oil bills

It's hard to influence the heating oil prices set by suppliers. It is based on a number of worldwide and national factors such as; crude oil prices, the number of competing suppliers in each area, weather conditions and more.

What you can have more control over is the price you pay. Here's how you can save money on your heating bills.

Get your neighbours to order

It's no secret that oil delivery makes up part of the cost. The more litres we deliver to your area, the cheaper it is for us which makes it cheaper for you. For this reason, we provide group savings to drop your price. We pass these additional savings back to you*
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Plan ahead

Paying for a next day delivery can be more expensive. Plan ahead for cheaper delivery slots.

Check oil price trends

Prices often change on a daily basis. Keeping an eye on these trends will give you an advantage.
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Time your order

Many people believe that heating oil becomes cheaper in the summer. However, our research shows prices were at their cheapest during October-December for 2013, 2014 and 2015.
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Increase oil efficiency

Heating oil additives can improve efficiency by taking care of tank sludge.
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Increase boiler efficiency

Regular boiler servicing can help improve efficiency, meaning less energy is used to heat your home. Our oil tank water removal kit can help maintain boiler quality levels.

How much does it cost to heat your house using heating oil?

As of 2016, heating oil is officially cheaper than gas or electricity to heat your home**.

Ofgem, the UK government regulator for gas and electricity, reports that the average available variable tariff costs £1,066 per year***. The BoilerJuice UK average heating oil price over the same time period was 40.02ppl, equating to just £740.77 over the year. That's a £325 saving!

We conducted our own market research to investigate UK oil usage.

The number of bedrooms has the biggest impact on yearly usage, as seen from our table. Other factors that strongly influenced heating oil usage include:

  • Property type - Those living in a mid-terraced property use 36% less oil over the year compared to detached homes
  • Wall material - 20% less oil was used in homes with concrete walls vs those with stone
  • Roof material - Tile roof homes required 9% less heating oil than slate roofed homes during the course of a year

Check the current UK heating oil price to see recent trends, and get a quote to find out the cost of heating oil in your area.

Bedrooms Average Yearly Oil Usage****
Yearly Cost
(Using today's UK pence per litre)
1 900 £881.19
2 1455 £1,424.59
3 1585 £1,551.87
4 2037 £1,994.43
5 2365 £2,315.57
6 2657 £2,601.47

We've passed over £3,000,000 in group savings to our customers!

Here's how we form groups to save you money after you order.

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We review orders placed on a standard delivery, with standard tankers selected

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Our system automatically groups orders based on their postcode

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The more oil ordered in your group, the more your price decreases

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You receive a lump sum of the group savings into your tank account

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***Referencing November 2016, using data from

****Data taken from a survey of 1174 heating oil users from BoilerJuice during 8/9/2016 - 27/9/2016, where the average annual litres used was 1,851

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