BoilerJuice values communication and want to help build a local community between oil users. Our top priority is to make being a heating oil user easy, which is why BoilerJuice is now part of WhatsApp business. There are many reasons why joining us on WhatsApp can make being on heating oil simple and convenient.

Why should you join?

1.Group Savings

BoilerJuice group orders in local areas every day, making sure our customers get our best price for their heating oil every time. Share with others in your local area when you are buying your oil and encourage others to order on the same day. This gives you and your neighbours even bigger savings on your heating.

2. Price Alerts

Oil prices can fluctuate for several reasons and it can be difficult to keep up. BoilerJuice are here to simplify when is the best time to buy, we will send out an alert through WhatsApp when oil prices drop or rise in your postcode region.

3. Talk to other heating oil users in your area

BoilerJuice wants to create a space where local heating oil users can share tips, discuss oil issues and share wisdom with each other to build a strong oil community. Whether you are new to heating oil or have been using heating oil for years there’s always something new to learn or share with others.

Sign up for BoilerJuice WhatsApp

All you have to do is fill out your name and mobile number on our form. We will then send you an invitation through WhatsApp and you can start chatting to local oil users in your area. Let us make saving on your heating oil convenient, smart and local.