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BoilerJuice has developed a special heating oil additive for pressure jet boilers that provides the same benefits as BoilerMax, but also includes a unique fuel fragrance.

Adding the BoilerMaxFresh oil additive to the oil reduces odours that often occur around the boiler or the fuel tank.

  • Added vanilla fuel fragrance
  • Promotes a cleaner boiler
  • Improves overall efficiency
  • Takes care of tank sludge
  • Stabilises the fuel
  • Reduces maintenance and boiler shutdown
  • More than pays for itself
  • For a greener, cleaner burn
  • One bottle treats approx 1000 litres

BoilerMax Additive Application Instructions: 

  1. Shake un-opened container well before use.
  2. Unscrew lid and pour the contents of this bottle into the oil tank at the correct dose.
  3. Each 200ml bottle will treat no more than 1,400 litres (max dose) and no less than 500 litres (min dose) of kerosene.
  4. Bottles do not need to be used all at once, our oil additives have a two year shelf life from date of production (see label on bottle top). Replace cap and store in a cool, dark place away from sources of ignition and out of reach of children and pets.
  5. If the bottle is empty please dispose of the bottle in accordance with your local waste disposal guidelines 
  6. For best mixing add to oil storage tank prior to or during delivery, if delivery has already been made mixing will take place over the course of a few days.

Please note: Some tanker drivers may be willing to apply your additives for you when your oil is delivered, unfortunately not all of our companies are able to do this due to internal health and safety policies. If the driver is unable to apply your additives please wear suitable PPE e.g. safety spectacles and gloves when applying your additives and dispose of your empty bottle in accordance with your local waste disposal guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The BoilerMax bottle does not seem quite full, how much should be in the bottle?
A: There is 200ml of additive in the bottle, but a space is left at the top to avoid "glugging" or spills while pouring the contents into the oil tank.

Q: Will the additives arrive with the oil delivery?
A: Our heating additives are sent to you direct and are usually delivered by Royal Mail. They generally arrive before the oil tanker makes deliverey, but if they don't there is no need to worry. You can easily add them yourself after the oil has been delivered. 

Q: What are the key benefits of the BoilerMax additive?
A: BoilerMax additive reduces deposit build-up; improves system efficiency; inhibits sludge formation; stabilises the fuel; avoids operating problems and for a greener, cleaner burn.

Q: How does the BoilerMax additive work?
A: BoilerMax has a mixture of anti-oxidants, dispersants, detergents, corrosion inhibitor, metal deactivator and other fuel stabilisers that help keep the fuel fresh, the boiler clean and avoid other operating problems that routinely occur.

Q: Can I mix BoilerMax additive with other additives I have already put into my tank?
A: Yes, they will be completely compatible if BoilerMax additive is added at the correct dose and the other additives have been designed for use in domestic heating oil.

Q: Will any warranties on my boiler and equipment be affected?
A: No, heating oil containing BoilerMax additive meets the same Fuel Standard (BS2869C2) as unadditised heating oil and therefore should not impact any warranties.

Q: Will there be any adverse effects using BoilerMax additive in very cold or very hot temperatures?
A: No, heating oil treated with BoilerMax additive will not be affected by extremes of weather, in fact this fuel will remain fresher for longer in very hot temperatures.

Q: I have read that BoilerMax additive works by avoiding deposits and operating problems that can occur, but does the treated fuel also instantaneously burn better in an existing clean system or have a higher energy content (e.g. calorific value)?
A: No, heating oil treated with BoilerMax additive has the same energy content as regular heating oil. It works by avoiding fuel degradation, deposits and other operating problems that routinely occur with systems operating overall several weeks. Instantaneous combustion improvers often have side effects that can cause damage to your boiler. BoilerMax additive does not contain them.

Q: Will BoilerMax additive be compatible with my boiler and do I need to consult my boiler engineer or boiler manufacturer first?
A: Heating oil treated with BoilerMax additive meets the same BS 2869C2 specification and is therefore compatible with your boiler if you are currently using regular heating oil (kerosene). You do not need to consult your boiler manufacturer or heating engineer prior to use.

Q: Can I extend my boiler service intervals if I use BoilerMax additive?
A: Theoretically the boiler service intervals can be extended in respect of fuel stability and deposit control. HOWEVER, we recommend boilers are serviced at the prescribed service intervals e.g. every 12 months as safety and emission checks are also included in these procedures. Your heating engineer may notice lower levels of deposits after the heating oil has been treated with BoilerMax additive.

Q: How long does it take for BoilerMax additive to start providing the benefits?
A: The time taken for a fuel correctly dosed with BoilerMax additive to start making a difference depends upon the weather conditions and fuel consumed. In most cases it will start to work in just a few weeks. Each 200ml BoilerMax additive bottle will treat between 500 and 1400 litres of fuel. In most cases, there should be enough additive in the bottle to treat the existing fuel in the tank; if not, the full benefits of BoilerMax will not be present until used again at the next tank fill.

Q: Many technical folks believe in-service problems are dictated by a fuel’s Char Value (IP 10 Method). Does using BoilerMax additive lower the Char Value?
A: Although some in-service problems have been attributed to high Char Values, we believe that the results from this test are highly variable and there is only a weak correlation with real world performance. The standard of boiler servicing is a key factor. Yes, fuel treated with BoilerMax additive does generally have a lower Char Value than untreated heating oil.

Q: How can using BoilerMax additive help lower operating costs?
A: During normal operation a boiler fires up and cuts out to maintain a constant room temperature (usually controlled by a room thermostat). Deposits build up between services on nozzle and heat exchanger surfaces when using untreated heating oil – without us normally knowing about it because the boiler is still working. The nozzle deposits produce a less efficient fuel/air burn and the deposits on the heat exchanger make it harder for the energy to transfer through to heat the water. In order to achieve the same room temperature the boiler needs to fire up and cut out a little more frequently – and over time this increase use of the boiler burns more fuel. BoilerMax additive can also help lower costs by reducing the risk of boiler breakdowns, blocked filters, tank/metal parts rust and other common operating problems.

Q: Where can I read more about BoilerJuice's range of additives?
A: Read more about BoilerJuice's range of additives.

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