We promise to keep you warm, whilst saving you time and money on your heating oil

For years heating oil customers have invested many hours dipping their tanks, checking their monitors, and shopping for the best price to keep themselves warm.

But now BoilerJuice Connected will connect your home as if you were on a mains supply, providing auto top ups, exclusively low prices and fixed monthly payments. We promise to save you time and money on your heating oil whilst guaranteeing you will never run out.

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BoilerJuice Connected Advantages

Promise to keep you warm

  • We will not let you run out
  • Weekly alert showing your oil level
  • Automatic orders when you are running low
  • Exclusive Savings

  • Order placed as part of bigger group savings
  • We order when prices are at their best
  • Best price guarantee
  • Spread your annual bill

  • Spread the cost of your heating oil over the year
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Free BoilerJuice monitor

  • Smart monitor worth £150
  • Track your oil level anywhere, anytime, online
  • Connecting your home as if on mains supply
  • Example of Connected Heating Oil

    Annual oil use: 1,000 Litres | Monthly payment £54*

    Annual oil use: 1,500 Litres | Monthly payment £72*

    Annual oil use: 2,000 Litres | Monthly payment £96*

    Your monthly payment is calculated on the estimated annual cost of your oil. Your account will be reviewed from time based on consumption and movement in oil prices.

    *Based on a heating oil prices of 48 ppl and includes standing charge of 20p per day

    Terms and conditions

    1. Your BoilerJuice monitor will be sent to you once you activate your account which happens once you have paid your first payment.
    2. The monitor is and will remain the property of BoilerJuice.
    3. The monitor will come equipped with a set of simple installation instructions enabling you to self install the device.
    4. Your monthly instalments are calculated using an estimate which is based on the current market price per litre for your area at the point of quotation.
    5. All payments will be added to your account balance which will be debited each time your oil is ordered.
    6. To make sure you are not paying too much, or too little, this amount will be reviewed from time to time, taking in to account adjustments in the market price per litre and your actual consumption.
    7. A standing charge of 20p per day will be added to and included in your monthly payments (inc. of VAT). This is to pay for the BoilerJuice Connected services.
    8. You WILL NOT be charged the standard service fee upon ordering oil (currently £3.49 per order)
    9. Your first monthly payment will be taken on a credit or debit card so you have funds immediately available to place your oil order
    10. 11 further monthly payments will then be set up as recurring payments on your nominated credit or debit card.
    11. You can order oil at any time, up to the account balance plus 3x your monthly payments (up to a maximum of £500 at any one time).
    12. BoilerJuice will send you automatic notifications of orders, you have the option to decline or cancel any order, however BoilerJuice accepts no liability in the event of your running out of oil if you do so.
    13. A minimum annual volume of 1,000 litres applies.
    14. BoilerJuice Connected is a 12-month minimum/maximum term contract. At the end of your initial term we will automatically renew your contract for a further 12 months.
    15. If you do not wish to renew your contract, you must settle any outstanding balance, or if you are in positive funds, we will refund these to you.
    16. At the end of your contract term, should you not wish to renew, you will need to return the BoilerJuice monitor to BoilerJuice.
    17. Should you wish to cancel your contract within the initial term, you must pay any outstanding balance including the balance of the standing charge for the full contract term. Should you have a positive account balance, we will refund this to you minus the standard charge due for the full contract term.
    18. In the event that you move house, please notify BoilerJuice of the moving date and your new address so we can close your account or provide you with a new monitor for your new property. In the event that you do not advise BoilerJuice of the move, you will continue to be liable for the daily standing charge for the contract term.

    The Best Reviews

    Rated "Excellent"

    Rated 9.2 out of 10 based on 37,654 reviews on TRUSTPILOT

    Proud to be most trusted heating oil provider

    Competitive, reliable and easy to order

    I have had 3 deliveries via Boilerjuice over past few months and each time the price has been very competitive, especially if you dont need oil urgently...

    Claire Wilson

    Always smooth process

    Always a smooth, easy order and delivery process. I've been with Boiler juice for many years and am very happy with the service received.


    Would recommend to anyone

    Always the cheapest, easy to order, have used them 3 times. Oils always delivered on time or early. Brilliant company would highly recommend anyone to them.

    Laura Hirst

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