How does BoilerJuice Connected work?

The BoilerJuice Monitor

Once your Connected account is set up, your BoilerJuice monitor will be sent to you via DPD.

The monitor will come equipped with a set of simple installation instructions enabling you to self-install the device.  Should you need a professional installation we would be very happy to arrange for an engineer to attend at a cost of £48.00 (inc VAT).

Automatic Ordering

By monitoring your oil levels, oil consumption and by forecasting your future consumption; we will estimate when you need to take a top-up of oil.

We will automatically place your oil order, when prices are at their best, and send you confirmation of the order.  You will have the option to decline or cancel your order, if you think you won’t need the oil, however BoilerJuice will accept no liability in the event of your running out of oil if you do so.

If your account balance is not sufficient to cover the value of your oil order we may contact you to discuss making a top up payment on your account.

You can place an order anytime, outside of the automatic ordering, so long as your account has sufficient funds.

Promise to keep you warm

In the unlikely event that you run out of oil whilst on a Monitored Plan (not as a consequence of declining an automatic order), we will arrange for an emergency oil delivery at the price you would have paid for a standard order.

Should your boiler need a restart specifically as a result of running out of oil, whilst on the Monitored Plan, we will pay for this, up to the value of £100.


Your monthly instalments are calculated using an estimate which is based on the current market price of kerosene 28 per litre for your area at the point of quotation.

All payments will be added to your account balance which will be debited each time your oil is ordered.

To make sure you are not paying too much, or too little, this amount will be reviewed from time to time, taking into account adjustments in the market price per litre and your actual consumption.

A standing charge of 20p per day will be added to and included in your monthly payments (inc. VAT). This is to pay for the BoilerJuice Connected services.

You WILL NOT be charged the standard service fee when your automatic oil order is placed (currently £3.49 per order).

Your first and recurring monthly payments will be taken by direct debit on the date you specify.