Energy Efficiency Infographic


Energy Efficiency Infographic


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Eco Kettle: Consider replacing your standard kettle with an eco-kettle. These handy gadgets use vacuum flask technology to keep water hot for longer.


Energy Egg & Solo Plug: Invest in an Energy Egg - this motion detector reduces your energy bills by wirelessly switching off electric appliances or lights when you leave the room. Typical Saving: Up to 30% on connected devices.


Boiler: Around 55% of home energy costs are related to your boiler. Get yours serviced annually to make sure it is working efficiently and reduce the chance of expensive breakdowns or maintenance issues.


Microwave: Research has shown that heating food up in a microwave rather than using the oven could save you moneyTypical Saving: Uses about 50% less energy.


Living Room


Chimney: Block your chimney or invest in a chimney balloon to reduce the amount of heat that is lost through your chimney. Typical Saving: Up to £153 a year.


Radiator: Look after your radiator! Bleed radiators regularly to make sure they are working as efficiently as possible.


Thermostat: Sometimes a small change can make a big difference. Dial your thermostat down by just 1°C to save on your heating bills. Typical Saving: Up to £60 per year.




Cavity Wall Insulation: Take advantage of free cavity wall insulation as part of government-backed schemes. Typical Saving: Up to 15% on fuel bills.


Light Bulbs: If you’re still using incandescent lightbulbs, it’s time to make the switch to LEDs. Typical Saving: Incandescent bulbs use up to 75% less energy.


Plug Sockets: Unplug devices when they aren’t in use. Even if your TV is on standby it’s still using power - it all adds up!


Windows: Natural light is free light! Take advantage of the sun during those summer months rather than automatically switching on lights.




Shower Pressure: One high-pressure shower could use more energy than a bath – turn down your water pressure to save on those bills.


Ditch the Batteries: Using battery-powered devices in the bathroom uses more power than mains-operated devices. Ditch the batteries, or switch to a manual razor to save on your bills.


Dual Flush Toilet: If you’re refitting your bathroom, invest in a dual flush toilet to save on your water bills.




Insulation: Invest in cavity wall insulation and loft insulation (a minimum of 270mm) to insulate your home and save on heating bills. Typical Saving: Up to £250 per year.




Oil Tank: Check your oil tank is in a safe location, and use appropriate safety measures to keep your oil secure.

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