Oil Tank Lock additive from BoilerJuice

BoilerJuice Oil Tank Lock

including VAT & FREE delivery to the UK

High quality manufactured with high security Yale padlock included.

Improve oil tank security with this locking fill cap and body enabling fill points to be locked, protecting high value fuel from being stolen.

ONLY fits oil tanks with a '2 inch MALE BSP' threaded fill point

  • Easy to install
  • Made in England
  • Hard anodised body for security & longevity
  • Shear bolt for extra security
  • High quality Yale 4 digit combination padlock with 7mm hardened steel shackle 
  • Seal tight cap with 8 locking positions
  • No keys to lose - lock number can be automatically printed on the delivery note for the driver

If you are unsure whether this lock will fit your tank please check with us first, informing us of your oil tank make, model and type.

Please note: this product is only available for delivery within the UK Mainland and Northern Ireland. Delivery is usually between 3 - 5 working days, but please allow up to 21 days for delivery.

Fitting instructions:

  1. Simply remove the standard 2 inch male BSP fill cap from the fill point on the oil tank.
  2. Screw the locking body onto the fill point making sure the seal is made
    between the body and the fill point.
  3. Using a 10mm socket, tighten up the brass bolt until the bolt head
    shears off. The body is now fixed permanently to the fill point.
  4. Set the combination to your desired PIN number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a 300 gallon (1300 litres) steel oil tank for my heating oil - will the BoilerJuice Tank Lock fit it?
A: Any steel heating oil tank that has a 2 inch screw-on fill point can use the BoilerJuice Tank Lock. It will not fit tanks that have a hinged 4 inch lid.

Q: Can the BoilerJuice Oil Tank Lock be used with a plastic oil tank?
A: Plastic tanks should have a standard screw on fill point for the tanker driver to connect to. The BoilerJuice Tank Lock simply screws onto the fill point and is fixed with the shear bolt.

Q: My tank has a bund as part of the tank; will the BoilerJuice Oil Tank Lock affect the filling of the tank?
A: Not at all. In some plastic bunded tanks the BoilerJuice Tank Lock may make it easier to fill as a result of the filling position being closer to the bund opening.

Q: What happens if I forget the PIN number of the padlock?
A: The BoilerJuice Tank Lock's padlock combination number can easily be set to whatever number you find easiest to remember. It is advisable to make a note of the PIN number and also to enter it into the delivery notes box when you place your next BoilerJuice order. Then, if you are not at home when the delivery is made, the tanker driver will have the PIN number printed on the delivery paperwork. In addition, the next time you order with BoilerJuice, your delivery notes will be recalled automatically so you won't need to remember the PIN each time you order.

Q: What if I lose the padlock, can I get a new one that has the same number?
A: New padlocks are available from BoilerJuice, the number of the new padlock can be set to the same PIN as the one you lost.

Q: My tank has an overfill prevention valve fitted, can the BoilerJuice Tank Lock be fitted to it?
A: More and more tanks are being fitted with overfill prevention valves to reduce the resulting pollution. The BoilerJuice Tank Lock is the ideal locking cap to fit to any overfill prevention valve that has a standard 2 inch BSP thread.

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