Group Savings

Group Savings is what BoilerJuice is all about. We try to group your order together with other people in your area, and then order the combined volume in bulk from one supplier, usually at a discounted price. The supplier benefits from having more deliveries in a smaller area, you could benefit from a cheaper price, and we all benefit from the reduced tanker miles.

How does my order qualify for Bulk-Buy Savings?

You must order with Standard Delivery and a Standard Tanker. Any orders with non-standard delivery options cannot be grouped and must be processed immediately as individual orders. (Note that non-standard delivery options are not yet available in all areas)

How much will I save?

This depends on how many other people order at the same time.  The best way to maximise your savings is to order during one of our Buying Weekends (every Friday to Sunday), when there's more chance of a larger combined volume being grouped together.  Remember - the higher the combined volume, the greater the savings. Typical savings are around £5 - £15 on a domestic order, but the record is £426 saved on 6000 litres!

How do I receive my savings?

When you place your order, we charge your credit/debit card for the quoted order total. If "Group Savings" are achieved when your order is processed we will credit the amount saved to your "tank account" once the delivery has been confirmed.

How do I find out whether my order achieved any Group Savings?

Your order confirmation email is sent to you when your order is processed at 7am on the next working day after you placed your order.  This email confirms whether any saving was made and how much. In addition, you can always view order details in your My Account area on

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