Oil Tank Water Removal Kit

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How does water build up in your oil tank?

It’s natural that water will enter your oil tank. It’s a common problem, often caused by the condensation within the tank itself which then begins to settle. This creates a bottom layer of water. Here are a few other ways water can enter your tank:

  • There’s a small leak in your tank
  • Water accidentally entered the tank when the cap was off. E.g. if it was raining when your tank was filled
  • Leaving the tank filler cap open where added moisture in the air can build up

 For more information about how water can build up in your tank, and also how to prevent water from entering your tank, read more.


The problem with water in your heating oil tank

Here are some negative side effects of water in your tank:

  • The likelihood of rust within the metal tank is far greater. This can damage your tank.
  • If the water layer were to freeze inside the tank then the fuel can degrade. This can also block the flow of the heating it produces.
  • A growing increase of bacteria and sludge
  • Water could be passed through the heating system instead of the heating oil, thus causing damage to your boiler.


How you can remove water from your oil tank

Our heating oil tank water removal kit offers the perfect solution. It contains:


Kolor Kut water finding paste

Apply this paste to a dip stick. When the dip stick is in use inside the oil tank, the paste will change colour if it detects water residing in the bottom of your tank.


Water absorbent tank sponge

This polymer filled sock is supplied with a recovery string for easy retrieval when dipped in your oil tank. The polymer will only soak up the water, leaving the heating oil within your tank. This tank sponge has a capacity of 1L and is designed for single use.

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