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February 2, 2012 | Boilers/Agas/Rayburns

Are you looking to upgrade your oil central heating boiler?

Not sure which model to go for? Get free independent help and advice from BoilerJuice members here, simply ask your central heating boiler question and usually one of our members (many of whom are heating engineers) will get back to you soon.

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  1. hi we have a oil heating boiler name camray 3 it has just packed up was told that it might cost 700 to fix plus vat or could go for a new one so we are looking at changing it because it is very old could you give us a quote we have a big 4 bedroom house with large living room and big kitchen small office. house was built in the early 1960

    • Peter,

      It must be something major for the bill to be that high….? Can you enlighten on the actual problem with the boiler?


  2. our rayburn368k has been problematic for the last couple of years , it was already here when we moved in & we think it’s about 12 years old. We’ve been told that parts are now very hard to come by & it maybe possible to keep it to just run the cooker & hot water side and get a new seperate boiler ( Grant or similar ) to run the central heating , how feasible is this ?

    • Geraldine, it is still easy to buy spares for this cooker. They are readily available.

      If your service engineer is familiar with these cookers then he should be able to get it running properly. I would maybe get a second opinion if possible….. That’s just my opinion and I work on these fairly frequently.

      Regards and good look Andie

  3. I have a 30 year old oil fired Trianco Redfyre TRO pressure jet (25 kw / 85000 Btu/h) which is becoming less reliable.

    In the past I have maintained various classic cars and made sure they were reliable by giving them a thorough service at the beginning of ownership (all hoses, ignition parts, etc.) It is expensive initially but you end up with reliable transport.

    I would like to do the same with my Trianco but I find it difficult getting parts (pump solenoid for example). So my questions are:

    1) Should I just ditch the Trianco and get a new one, because spare parts are going to be a problem?

    2) There are major disagreements over the reliability of various makes of oil fired boilers. I would put reliability and cheap parts at the top of the list.

    When the guarantee runs out I would like something that I can service myself and that is easy to repair in an emergency. It would be nice if it didn’t drink kerosene like the Trianco as well.

    Comments please.

    • Hi John

      Your Old Trianco is one of the best boilers you could get, bit like your classic cars, especially if it’s the Mk2 with the inter burner.

      Replacing your boiler with a new one would undoubtably save you a lot of money in fuel costs, but as you say would be less reliable and wouldn’t last as long. If your adamant to keep the boiler, spend some money updating the system i.e. Thermostaic rad valves, fully pumped syatem and possibly a power flush, it would all help reduce fuel connsumption. With regards to spare parts, the only thing you wouldn’t be able to buy for an Inter burner is the electrodes and nozzle holder. All other parts are available. If you still have the MSLA Fuel pump, you will have difficulty buying a solenoid coil for it, but you could repalce it with a Danfoss BFP21 L3 Oil pump, if you do make sure you get the conversion kit with it as you would need the Solenoid lead and conversion hub. Either that or buy a complete burner for it. Although it’s not recomended due to cost v life expectancy of the boiler shell (15 years) if you did decide to go down this route, get in a competant service company so they can get the emisions sorted; again making the boiler more efficient.

      Many people prefer to service their own boilers, and with all due respect to myself and the many service engineers out there, you could do this as well as us, the difference being, we have the knowledge and experience to regognise potential dangers and problems while we attend and carry out a service, as well as modern analizers to ensure the boiler is running at its optimum efficiency. Servicing a boiler is no longer just a hoover out, it is a proffesional and extremley technical job and has been for some time.

      Hope this has been of some help.



  4. Hi I have a Trianco boilerhouse 28/32 approx 20 years old. The burner unit motor has failed after 12 years so need to spend £300 on replacement burner. Boiler is 70% efficient and we burn 2500 liters of kerosene a year. Would it be better to put the money towards a new condensing boiler? I have read that if I just plumb in a new boiler the demands of the old plumbing will result in the boiler running too hot to condense and so will only run at 85% efficiency. I am concerned with the life expectancy and reliability of a new boiler. I would put a sediment trap in the water system.

  5. I’m looking to replace my old trianco oil boiler about 85-95000 btu want something nearer 120,000 reluctant to go with a condensing boiler (do I have to ? ) can I still buy a high efficiency non condensing boiler ?? any suggestions.


  6. I have a 20 year old Boulter model G7 Classic 95/130, type 459T55 that has just stopped wrking/ I would like to purchase parts but have been told that part numbers have been changed. Can you tell me what part numbers are now used for a Pump RBL 171 T 7398 – 2800 rpm and control box.


  8. We have just moved house & are looking to replace boiler. First experience of oil. Our heating engineer has suggested a Grant Vortex Pro 26/36. Given that our house is 3600 square foot & has 3 bathrooms all be it only 2 of us live here, is this big enough or should we go for 36/46. Any advice please?

  9. i have a camray 3 boiler 50/70 , with a riello 40 burner and i think i will have to replace it. can you please tell me if i can get a camray to replace my camray3 and how much it would be and where would i get the best deal. post code hs8 5rw. thank you walter

  10. We have a standard Myson Velaire boiler which is workin fine and has an annual service. It is in a very small utility room and I was wondering if there was a smaller alternative on the market and if so, roughly how much would it cost to fit and replace the one we have.

  11. We have a firebird combi jet stream 2000 installed in 19 97 serviced twice a year.Itis beginning to show wear and has some

    in the bottom which i s not a good sign ???? we are pentioners and would like some assistance, can you help??

  12. We have a firebird combi jet stream 2000 installed in 19 97 serviced twice a year.Itis beginning to show wear and has some

    in the bottom which i s not a good sign ???? we are pentioners and would like some assistance, can you help??

    understand the boiler is no longer available.

  13. I have a 2003 Boulter Classic 95/130 oil boiler that is staring to give water hammer,I have been told it could be the boiler stat ,with the water getting too hot.
    can anybody tellme if this is correct and also were I can get spare parts for it.
    It runs perfectly well apart from this,
    thanks Mike

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