How does BoilerJuice Connected work?

Once you are FULLY OPERATIONAL* we will monitor your oil level and oil consumption and will estimate when you need to take a top-up of oil.


Oil orders will be automatically placed for you when required and you will be sent confirmation of the order. 


You will be given the option to postpone an order if your tank is above the ‘low’ limit of 30%, however once your tank level goes below approximately 30% (taking into account your oil consumption and the time of year), it will trigger a low notification and an order will be generated for you within 7 days.


If your tank level drops below 30% and you decline or cancel the order, or there are insufficient funds to place your order, we will accept no liability in the event that you should run out of oil.


We will contact you to discuss your account balance if there are insufficient funds available.


You can place an oil order anytime, outside of the automatic ordering, so long as your account has sufficient funds.


What does fully operational mean?

Fully Operational means that your Connected Monitor is installed on your oil tank and has been activated, and your tank details have been entered into the My Tank section of My Account

Your monthly Direct Debit has been set up and is active and we have received your first monthly payment into your account. 


Upon installation of your monitor, should your oil level show a reading below 50%, you may need to place an initial oil order to top up your tank before the monitored plan can commence.

What to do next?

Whilst you are waiting for your monitor to arrive, why not login to My Account and select your tank details?

If you are planning to install your monitor yourself, you may find this video helpful (link)

Is there anything you wanted to ask us? You can contact us here 

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