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Ten top tips to instantly save money on your heating

Winter is on its way and with heating oil prices recently reaching a 4-year high point, BoilerJuice.com have ten top tips to help you save on heating:

1. Place foil at the back of radiators

The heat from radiators tends to flow near the walls rather than into the rooms, this can leave your walls nice and toasty but the room feeling chilly. Placing foil behind the back of your radiator reflects the heat back into the room. This can make your heating more effective saving you money.

2. Programme your heating

You can now control your heating even when you are not at home. Programming your boiler to turn on half an hour before you wake up, and half an hour before you return home will make sure you don’t overuse your heating. This can save a generous amount of money a year.

3. Shuffle your furniture

Did you know that your furniture could be blocking heat circulation?

Placing your furniture in front of a radiator means your comfy sofa will absorb all the heating for itself. By pulling furniture away from the radiators it will increase warmth around your home.

4. Block draughts in your home

Draughts can cause your home to feel cold even when the heating is on. Use a draught blocker to stop any cold breezes sneaking in. You can buy draught excluders to place under doors and add self-adhesive into cracks around windows to assure your home stays warm.

5. Bleed your radiators 

It’s time to check how your radiators are warming up, give them a feel top to bottom. If the radiator is cold at the top but warm at the bottom bleeding your radiator will resolve this issue. If your radiators are not working efficiently you will most likely reach for the thermostat. Just remember that higher temperatures mean higher heating expenses.

6. Turn the dial down

The World Health Organisation recommends that the minimum temperature in the living room should between 18C- 21C. Try dropping your room temperature by just one degree and you will notice a difference in your heating expenses.

7. Top up your oil tank early 

Ordering oil early can save you money, as heating oil prices tend to rise in the colder seasons, the earlier the order the less the price of oil.

8. Book your boiler service early 

Your boiler is the heart of your heating, low usage of your boiler in the summer can result in problems arising in the colder months. Book a boiler service and save yourself a potential breakdown fee in the future.

9. Group Buying heating oil

Buying in a group can get you discounts; some oil suppliers will give you a discount for bulk buying. BoilerJuice.com will group every order for you behind the scenes and even have Buying Weekends where customers orders are grouped over a three day period. This means customers get the benefit of grouping without the hassle.

10. Green gadgets  

There are now smart gadgets that help us managed our usage in the home such as a smart thermometer, smart power trips and a shower timer. These will help to keep energy expenses low.

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  1. It would be better if the minimum top up of 500 litres could be reduced to an as and when situation. I could then afford a top up before the minimum charges. I’d, 300 litres. 😃

  2. I have already booked a delivery

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