Hybrid heat pump system

Reduce your carbon emission & worry
less about running out - upgrade to a
low-carbon hybrid heating system

£399 upfront + £14.99 per month

BoilerJuice have teamed up with EDF to offer you a hybrid heat pump worth £8000 for £48

Boiler juice have teamed up with EDF to offer you a hybrid heat pump worth £8000 for £48

You pay £399 upfront and £14.99pm to EDF. You claim £805 upfront and £115 annually from government subsidy

You pay £399 upfront and £14.99pm to EDF. You claim £805 upfront and £115 annually from government subsidy

* The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme allows EDF Energy to recover the cost of equipment and installing the hybrid heating system, minus the one-off charge of £399. The total cost over 7 years is dependent on EDF recovering assignment of the RHI payments.

**Your system is eligible for a metering subsidy from OFGEM that you can apply during the RHI application. The Government Metering and Monitoring Service Package financial support for the first 10,000 applications. You receive a lump sum payment within 3 months of your application, the yearly payments are paid in quarterly instalments over 7 years.

Claim an additional £25 oil credit post heat pump installation.

Offer available to all contracts signed by 31st March 2021.

What's included with the hybrid heat pump offer?

A fully installed hybrid heat pump

Automatic smart heating controls

Once installed you can benefit from

What is a hybrid heating system?

Hybrid heating adds an energy-efficient air source heat pump (ASHP) to your existing heating system. Here's why it's worth getting a hybrid heating system:

What customers are saying about EDF hybrid heat

Is my home suitable for hybrid heating installation?

EDF hybrid heat pump offer have following pre-requisites

The offer is serviced by Passivsystems, who will be speaking to you on EDF’s behalf.

In the webform select Boiler juice in the section how did you hear about us.

To claim your £25 oil credit email us at renewables@boilerjuice.com post your heat pump installation.

Book a free survey will direct you to an EDF webform to complete for your application.


You can raise your complaint with EDF by email. EDF and their partners Passivsystems are also an approved member of Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC), so you can contact them if they are not able to help. 

EDF Energy is participating in a scheme called the Assignment of Rights. This means that they can help homeowners cover the initial cost of installing a hybrid heat pump minus the one-off charge of £399 (incl VAT). 

Once your system is installed you’ll need to apply for the RHI via Ofgem.  

  • Go to Ofgem and apply for the RHI, assigning the payments to us within 14 days of installation 
  • Apply for the MMSP scheme 
  • Submit quarterly meter readings to Ofgem 
  • Submit an annual declaration to Ofgem 
  • Maintain the renewable heating system and ongoing RHI obligations.   

EDF’s partner PassivSystems work with Samsung approved installers to carry out the installation. A standard installation usually takes three days. If you have any specific needs such as location, then the team will discuss these with you. And should you need any additional work, they’ll confirm the cost of this before they start. 

The installation process is designed to minimise any disruption to your heating. So during a standard installation, we’ll probably only need to switch off your boiler for a few hours during the day. If we don’t complete the installation by the end of the day, we’ll turn your boiler back on before we leave, so you’re not without heating at night time. 

This works the same as any other renewable system that you have installed where you have an option to either pay the termination fee or the new homeowner will need to take over the contract – but EDF help you sort this out (this process is known as the ‘transfer of assignment of right contract’). 

You have the option to upgrade your heating to a full-electric heat pump solution, or enter into a new contract with EDF and to continue to use the advanced features of the smart controls. 

If you choose not to sign a new contract, you’ll still own the heat pump, but you’ll only have access to basic functions within the smart controls. 

All heating systems make some noise, but heat pumps can be quieter than traditional old boilers, which use oil or gas. An air-source heat pump can reach 40 to 60 decibels from one metre away, but it all depends on the type of pump and how it’s been installed at your home. 

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Always a smooth, easy order and delivery process. I've been with Boiler juice for many years and am very happy with the service received.


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