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  • Heating oil tank maintenance for summer

    Top tips to maintain your heating oil tank this summer

    As summer gets into full swing temperatures start to rise. Whilst you enjoy the sunshine, your heating oil tank is most likely the last thing on your mind. However, keeping on top of your heating oil tank maintenance throughout the summer season could save you money in the long run. Here are four ways to keep your tank in tip-top condition.


    Keep your tank topped up

    It may seem strange to be thinking about heating oil when the weather is warm, but ordering in the summer could save you money. Heating oil prices can fluctuate for a number of reasons, but usually, there is a fall in heating oil prices in the warmer months due to a drop in demand. 

    If you chose to top up this summer, not only are prices good but having a full tank helps reduce the chance of sludge build-up.

    It’s now easier than ever to make sure your tank doesn’t run dry, as there are automatic top-up services such as BoilerJuice Connected that monitor your oil levels and order your heating oil for you. Signing up for BoilerJuice Connected means you will get a great heating oil price in your area without lifting a finger, plus you no longer have to worry about running out.


    Check your heating tank for moisture

    As the warmer weather sets in, so does humidity which can cause havoc for your heating oil tank. Humidity can cause moisture which leads to corrosion in your tank, this can leave you with a hefty repair bill, or worse if extent damage has happened you may end up needing a whole new heating oil tank! To make sure that you have no moisture in your tank, you can do a simple check with a water detection paste. If moisture is detected, you can get a water removal sponge which soaks up the moisture but keeps your oil unharmed.


    Schedule your heating oil tank maintenance

    BoilerJuice recommends scheduling heating oil tank maintenance at least once a year. Your tank works hard throughout the winter, so getting your heating oil tank maintenance completed in the summer means you can double-check your tank is still strong and healthy. It is important to get your heating oil tank checked by a trained OFTEC professional. They will check for damages and check your pipe connections to make sure they are secure and clean. Heating oil tank maintenance will reduce the chance of oil spillages, if there is a  spill it can be expensive to clean and can impact the environment.


    Check your seal caps

    Checking your vent caps and fill caps are secure when you after your oil delivery, this can will help keep your tank sludge free. The vent caps and fill caps are there to air or debris getting into your tank which forms sludge, this can get into your heating systems can cause a boiler breakdown. These caps also prevent oil spillages that can damage your garden and cause environmental issues.

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