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October 7, 2011 | Boilers/Agas/Rayburns

Even in 2011 the AGA cooker remains a symbol of lifestyle, owners develop a very strong emotional attachment with what is so much more than ‘a cooker’.

  • Do you have a question or issue relating to your AGA?
  • How often do you have your AGA serviced – have you noticed a difference since fuel sulphur levels were lowered in 2008?
  • Share your AGA hints and tips in our new AGA owners blog.


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  1. My wood fired rayburn heats 3 radiators and a small hot water tank, this year the hot water tank had a new element and the radiators were cleaned , they heat well but the hot water tank is making loud noises and is not heating water very hot. no one seems to know the problem and cant keep getting someone out to fix it anyone have any ideas please thanks

  2. sounds 2 me like the boiler is blocked with lime and needs to be replaced the return pipe wont allow hot waterback 2 cylinder thus banging noise which is dangerous

  3. Anyone got experience of the 600 series Rayburn or the new condensing Rayburns?

  4. Hi – have just bought an old house with a solid fuel Rayburn Supreme but wish to convert it to oil – has anyone any experience of doing this nd what are the pitfalls etc etc. Any advice appreciated (should say am installing an oil fired boiler for central heating and am wishing to link in the Rayburn to this)



  5. i have a coal fired aga cooker,i clean and riddle often,but after working great for weeks its just goes (dies) out no matter what i do …so i have to empty the cooker and relight….why i use the correct fuel and look after it better than myself…..can you help

  6. I recently left the AGA brand kettle on overnight!! And it burnt dry but with no other signs of damage.
    Now it seems to take longer to boil. Is this my imagination or perhaps is there some damage/change.

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