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Failure to have an oil boiler service every year could result in it running less efficiently which means you burn more oil which costs more money!

How often should I get my boiler serviced?

OFTEC, the Oil Firing Technical Association recommends that oil boiler servicing is carried out annually but you should always check your boiler manual or contact the manufacturer as some may require servicing more often than others.

It is recommended that you use an OFTEC registered technician to carry out your oil boiler service as they have been trained to high standards and keep up to date with the latest safety regulations.

You should also get your oil boiler serviced if you notice black smoke or a build-up of smoke; brown or yellow stains around the boiler; the pilot light goes out frequently; there is more than normal levels of condensation in the room where the boiler is or if you notice the boiler is burning with a yellow rather than a blue flame.

What could happen if I don't get it serviced every year?

The primary benefit of having your oil boiler serviced is that your boiler will be checked for carbon monoxide emissions to ensure it is safe. Additionally, servicing your oil boiler regularly will actually help you to save money on your heating oil bills by ensuring it is running as efficiently as possible.

The build-up of soot in your boiler can reduce efficiencies by nearly 10%! Finally, regular oil boiler servicing will help to ensure your boiler is more reliable as any faulty parts can be identified and replaced before they break down unexpectedly. This means you can avoid your boiler breaking down just as the cold weather comes.