Frequently Asked Questions : Group Buying


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Group Buying

How does group buying work?

You can save money by using one of our group buying features. We queue all orders placed on our Standard Delivery service and place them with suppliers at the beginning of the following working day. This allows us to buy in bulk and achieve lower prices. Any savings achieved this way are passed on to you directly and will be added to your 'Tank Account'. To get the best chance of bulk discount on your order, simply tell your local friends and neighbours to order their oil on the same day as you and, provided you are all in the same postcode district (the first half of the postcode, e.g. AB12) BoilerJuice will automatically group your orders. We will tell you about any discount obtained when we send your order confirmation email. This is the email sent when the order is processed at the beginning of the next working day (not the "acknowledgement" email sent when you first place your order).

How can I join forces with other oil users to save money?

There are 2 ways this can be done:

Buy oil today on our Standard Delivery service and if there are other orders in your postcode area, and the price is better, BoilerJuice will group your order with them. If sufficient volume is achieved, any discounts will be automatically passed on to all buyers in the postcode group.

Join a weekend buying group.
Weekends take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday because most people find it more convenient to order at a weekend.
Because more people are likely to order over a Buying Weekend, there's a far higher chance of you getting extra Group Savings.
Orders placed over the three days on our Standard Delivery Service are grouped together and sent to the supplier first thing Monday morning. You will be notified of any saving made.

Why can I not get a group discount when I order an Express Delivery option?

When you place an order for an Express Delivery it is sent straight to the supplier in order for them to process it as quickly as possible. It is not, therefore, held overnight so cannot be grouped with standard delivery orders.

Why didn't my order receive any Group Savings?

When you first receive your quote, we automatically search for the lowest price available to you from our participating suppliers for your required volume of oil at that time. This price is a guaranteed maximum price. After your order is placed, it is held in our order queue until 7am the next working day. The queue is then processed and we group orders in each postcode area.

Group Savings will only be achieved if a lower bulk price can be obtained for the combined order volume. Sometimes a lower price is not possible, either because the combined volume wasn't sufficient, or supplier prices have been increased.

I need a 4-wheel tanker, can I be included to obtain a group buying discount?

Unfortunately not. Because not all of our suppliers are able to deliver using 4-wheelers, we are not able to include these orders as they have to be sent straight to the supplier at the time the order is placed.

What happens to the savings that I make?

The amount of any group savings will be credited to your 'Tank Account' and can be deducted from future orders. You can see this by logging onto 'My Account'. If you would prefer to have the money refunded to your account you can do this from there once the delivery has been confirmed by the supplier.