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Boilerjuice is the UK's No1 Heating Oil Price Comparison website. Compare heating oil prices and make domestic heating oil savings.

Compare heating oil prices with Boilerjuice -the first heating oil price comparison website

BoilerJuice was formed in 2004 to bring heating oil customers together to buy cheap heating oil online and as the first domestic heating oil price comparison website in the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland we know what it takes to be the best in the marketplace. BoilerJuice Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Welsummer Ltd, owned by Paul Ward one of the BoilerJuice founders, we are very proud to be the number one independent heating oil price comparison website in the UK .

How does the BoilerJuice compare heating oil prices?

Our domestic heating oil price comparison engine is completely impartial and 100% automated. When we provide users with a quote, we always compare heating oil prices and provide the cheapest price from our network of national, regional and local domestic suppliers of heating oil , which was verified by the Advertising Standards Agency.

Participating suppliers enter their prices into the system directly, we then compare heating oil prices from these suppliers and the most competitive price is presented to our users. All suppliers have access to the same information and each and every supplier is treated equally throughout the process. 

We work with a broad range of suppliers and, when you compare heating oil prices on our site, we will always quote the cheapest price from our network of suppliers in relation to every order (as verified by the ASA). As the UK's first heating oil price comparison website, we pro-actively recruit suppliers and encourage them to offer the best prices so as to create strong competition within the market place.

What makes BoilerJuice heating oil price comparison special?

Because we compare home heating oil prices and only display the cheapest oil price entered by our participating suppliers, our network of suppliers are always competing for your business, encouraging them to offer their best prices to BoilerJuice members.

When you compare heating oil prices with BoilerJuice, you not only get great prices but also:

  1. Quick and easy ordering - with our ultra-secure ordering system you can place an order on your phone, PC, laptop, tablet or by calling us. Once you have registered with us, placing an order can take as little as 30 seconds (including payment) . During this time we will compare heating oil prices from suppliers in your area and find the cheapest options for you. This makes BoilerJuice the slickest, smartest, domestic heating oil price comparison website around. 
  2. Excellent Customer service – our extremely dedicated customer service department is open 7 days a week. We always aim to offer ultra-fast response times  and set our benchmark at 15 minutes, anything longer than that and its flagged as overdue and we put extra resource into the team.
  3. Buying Weekends and Groups Savings - one of the most unique features of BoilerJuice are our “buying weekends” where we attempt to group oil orders according to precise geographical areas. Enabling suppliers to schedule and deliver orders in a way which minimises the number of duplicate journeys to an area and helps to reduce the number of heavy tanker journeys on our roads, often resulting in considerable “group savings” for our customers, whilst reducing the environmental impact of heating with oil.

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